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“Grown with love, from our family, to you.”



When Mike Graves started this farm he wanted to make the best medicine he could for an affordable price. This is a family farm where everyone is working toward that goal everyday. Many hours and dedication go toward perfecting our craft and staying innovative for our patients. Imagine a business that cares about patients more than profit. Imagine a business that cares about quality over quantity. Imagine a business where the employees care about the product they put out and the people that buy it. You don’t have to imagine anymore, Graves Farm is here and we are here to stay. Oklahoma has spoken, Graves Farm has set the bar in the cannabis industry.

client say


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Chris Johnson

“I only use Graves Farm. Period. There product is consistently great! I don’t have to worry about the quality of the product I buy from them!”

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“Their cooking oil is absolutely fire. You can literally put it on anything!”

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Nelson Williams

“Graves farm is GOLD. Their products are different than anything I have ever tried. They are smooth, and always help me relax. I give them a 5 out of 5”

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Tod Rynolds

“These guys aren’t just about making the best product out there… they make their product affordable to everyone! I can always have a great preroll from them without loosing my paycheck!”

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Gary Nelson

“Every single one of their prerolls is kief infused. These guys are about quality.”